Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Two Pixels Photography is ONE

Time really flies. I still remember this time last year, we had a shooting with two pixels, and now, they are already celebrating their 1st anniversary.

All 8 of us fell in love with the photos the moment we saw them. I still remember going everywhere looking for a place that shoots nice pictures, but failed. Either they were boring or too conventional. We didnt like those pictures with poses, it makes us look awkward and uncomfortable.

Two Pixels Photography is different - in every way. They were easy going and friendly. They are creative and I just love their ability to adapt to any situation. They turned a fairly run-down park into a great looking one. I guessed it's not easy shooting 8 people at one time, but somehow they managed to do so.

Anyway, in conjunction to their 1st anniversary celebration, I have created something for them.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My dear duo

Finally I've got time to drop a few words. I'm in bed with the two little monkeys sleeping

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mummy, I got no money...

*ring ring ring* my mobile phone rang.

re: mummy, where are u?
me: mummy is outside having dinner
re: i wan you to come to pp's house.
me: why, darling?
re: i wan u to come now, i got something to gif u
me: ok ok, i will come later

after 30 minutes, *ring ring ring* again

re: mummy, i wan u to come
me: i will come, boy, later ok
re: no. i wan u to come now...

blah blah blah.... and he called me about 6 times before i finally reached pp's house. when i opened the door, "MUMMY" i heard rayern calling for me from the stairs. i went up to see him. he gave me a bag. i opened it and saw his toys in it. thinking nothing special, thinking he only wanna con me to go over, i put the bag down and talked to pp.

he brought the bag over and this time, he poured out everything. in the middle of his many toys i saw a flower. not a pretty flower, but freshly picked. he quickly picked it up and gave it to me. I hugged him so hard, telling him how sweet he was. it didnt end there, he said something that melts my heart...

"mummy, i got no money to buy a flower for you, so i just pluck for you"

i could feel my eyes fill with tears... tears of joy.

this is not the first time he gave me a flower, but with those few words, this is definitely the most beautiful flower i have ever gotten.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Xmas 2009

Another Xmas..

We filled presents under xmas. I think our tree is a little small, cause we have too many presents. It just didnt fit. We dont really celebrate xmas, but as I have said, after having the both of them with us, there are some things / festival we need to do / celebrate. Just for fun sake.

This year is no different from the last. Mum cooked us a yummy western meal. We then exchanged presents. And as usual, re & se has the most - equal this year.

Merry X'mas everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Balloon Fight

the other day i found a pack of balloons at home. rather than leaving it collect dust at the corner, i thought we might as well make good use of them. instead of just blowing them up, this time i filled them all with water. haha, i'm glad we all enjoyed the balloon fight.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Great Family

Last weekend, we finally got our family photo taken. We woke fairly early and waited for our "2 pixels" to come. We then headed to a nearby park, which is kinda run-down. But thanks to Sue & Jazzmint, the park looked perfect.

Anyway, despite being burnt, we managed it well. Everyone was cooperative. After half an hour under the hot hot sun, we left for home.

There, we were more relaxed. But SuErn was too tired to continue the shooting, she fell asleep. Too bad the last photo we didnt have her in it.

When we took the photos, we fell in love with them instantly. Dad looked through them again and again and laughed so much. I know him, he doesnt really pay too much attention to photos, but this one... he just loved them. Even bro & sil wanted to develop all of them. Hmm, ALL?

As for me, this is just perfect, this is just what I wanted my family photo to be like. I have actually shopped around, but either they are too expensive or I just didnt like it (ie, sitting in the studio -poses, poses & poses).

Thanks again to Sue & Jazzmint
. Really great job... Am glad to be one of the first few in the portfolio of "2-Pixels Photography"
Here are some of the perfect pictures. Others, please click here

Monday, November 03, 2008